Deprived Students in Ahomahomashu and Besebuom Receive Educational Support

Deprived Children Receives Educational Support

As part of the Send a Child to School initiative, World Inspiring Network has on the 23rd September 2021 donated materials to 60 deprived studnets in Fanteakwa North in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Each of the 60 beneficiaries (30 each from Besebuom D/A Primary, Ahomahomasu D/A, and JHS) received 1 x school uniform, 1 x pair of sandals, 1 x schoolbag, 6 x exercise books, pencils, pens, eraser, ruler, and a mathematical set.

Thanks to our generous partners, sponsors, and donors for making the project a success. 

Special appreciation goes to The Editors Hub, Ghana Education Service, Ghana Narcotics Control Commission, Grikob Foundation Ghana, Halesowen College, The Prairie Concept, Sharearly Foundation, and Maxibern Digital for their contributions and support.

Donations such as these are so important in making education accessible to children who otherwise would have not been able to attend school. The children in receipt of these donations have wanted to stay in school but have been unable to do so due to their personal circumstances, such as financial poverty. Providing these essential school supplies means that children can attend school and access quality education.

As part of the distribution exercise, World Inspiring Network organized a Community Sensitization & Youth Empowerment Summit. An event that recorded a total of 568 participants. The Community Sensitization & Youth Empowerment Summit introduced the children, youth, and parents of Ahomahomasu, Besebuom, and Nterso, to the need for education as far as national development is concerned. 

World Inspiring Network believes in the importance of education amongst the new generation of children, and that education should be accessible to all. We strive to encourage the new generation to work as a community, build sustainable solutions, and influence the mindset of our future leaders towards a successful future and peaceful nation. We strive to support the education of deprived children in Ghana, by providing the resources so they can attend school, and encouraging them to engage in education. 

Our mission is to help raise a new generation of youth, who have the ability to build sustainable solutions and influence the mindset of our future leaders towards a successful future and nation-building.

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