World Inspiring Network Partners GES and others for a District Maths and Science Quiz Competition

District Math and Science Quize Competition

World Inspiring Network partnered with the Ghana Education Service (GES), Miss GNATLAS, and others to organize a Basic School Maths and Science Quiz Competition on the 8th of October 2021, at the Presbyterian School auditorium at Begoro, Fanteakwa North in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

The idea of the quiz competition was brought up by Sandra Nkulenu, the winner of the “2021 Miss GNATLAS” as a means of giving back to society and encouraging school children to take an active interest in STEM education.

Miss GNATLAS is a society within the mainstream Teacher’s union (GNAT). Miss GNATLAS was set up in 1985 to increase women’s participation in the union’s activities, to give them a platform to advocate for women, and to make a positive difference within their teaching community.

Quizzes are fun and interesting ways to get students involved in the subjects in a way that is new and exciting. Moreover, it also encourages students to take part in presentations and public speaking which helps them build confidence and leadership skills. Furthermore, quizzes are also an effective way to help students prepare for their final exams as all questions are relevant to their school education and learning, in a fun and social environment.

The schools involved in the 2021 Maths and Science quiz competition were:

  • Begoro Salvation Army JHS representing Begoro East Circuit
  • Presby A & B JHS representing Begoro West
  • Akoradarko D/A JHS representing Obooho Circuit
  • Ahumahumaso D/A JHS representing Ahumahumaso Circuit
  • Akwamu Kotoku D/A JHS representing Addokrom Circuit
  • Miaso D/A JHS representing MIASO Circuit
  • Abourso R/C JHS representing Abourso West Circuit
  • Dorminase Anglican JHS representing Abourso East Circuit
  • Dedeso R/C JHS representing Dedesawirako

The 2021 edition of the Maths and Science quiz competition was a tremendous success, with all students actively taking part and engaging with the event. All participants received a set of exercise books, notebooks, pens, Mathematics and Science textbooks, and others to encourage their interest in the subject and to make studying more accessible.

The Begoro Salvation Army Junior High School emerged as the winner representing Begoro East circuit. The winners received a plaque and other educational supplies.

The Ghana Education Service (GES), Fanteakwa North District which is under the leadership of the District Education Directorate, Mrs. Gloria Agrey Kilson is situated at Begoro in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Other partners involved in the quiz include World Vision Ghana, Vision 500, Ocean Max, TV3, Local Council of Churches, Atiwa Rural Banks, and others.

We thank all of our partners and donors who made this event possible.

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