Send a Child to School

For $100 you can provide a rural child with a school uniform, school bag, textbooks, sandals, and other vital educational resources.

Education Support Programs

At World Inspiring Network, we design a holistic set of programs that ensure quality education reaches everyone despite their differences or where they stay. We provide educational resources, train teachers, students, and also sensitise the communities we work with so they understand the need of education for a maximum and long-term impact.


Ghanaian Female School Child Holding a Mic

Child Education Support

World Inspiring Network supports children in hard-to-reach communities in Ghana with educational resources such as school uniforms, school bags, sandals, stationery, and many other resources needed to ensure students can reach their full potential. As a data-driven organization, we’re continuoesly monitoring the effectiveness of every project, program and pilot we implement to continuously learn and iterate on our work. We also strive to create an inclusive and equitable learning environment for all students by providing access to quality education free of gender-based discrimination. Our comprehensive approach to education support extends beyond the classroom, with initiatives such as our partnership with the community, government, civil society organizations, and corporate institutions.

Teacher Support

Teacher support is a crucial aspect of any teaching program. World Inspiring Network is working hard to change the way teachers are supported and trained, with more focus on those in rural parts of Ghana to ensure that students are learning effectively. Our teacher support program has allowed us to provide teachers with the resources they need to give students a high-quality education. We are also putting in efforts to continuously provide access to online learning materials and tools, as well as in-person workshops, mentorships, and seminars. Additionally, we are working on organizing field trips for teachers to visit schools in the cities and learn about best practices in the classroom. Through our efforts, we are helping teachers become more confident in their teaching and better able to address the needs of their students.

Team World Inspiring Network at Osunu Dompe

Community Sensitization

In rural parts of Ghana, most parents do not understand the need to educate their children, with the female child at the most risk. Some parents think the female child would go and marry after school and transfer the benefits to their husband. Community sensitization is an important tool to help tackle this problem. World Inspiring Network engages with the communities we work with and educates them on the need to invest in education. We do this through door-to-door visits, holding meetings, using local radio stations and other media outlets, and organizing community sensitization events. We hope that through consistent engagement with communities, it is possible to create awareness on a larger scale within a short period while creating a long-term impact.