Empowering Entrepreneurs: YALDA AfCFTA Workshop Ignites Entrepreneurial Spirit

YALDA AfCFTA Workshop 2023

Accra, Ghana – July 16, 2023: Over 80 enthusiastic entrepreneurs, delegates, and industry experts gathered at the University of Ghana, Accra for the “YALDA AfCFTA Workshop,” themed “Empowering Entrepreneurs for Africa Development.” The July 8th 2023 event, organised by YALDA Ghana in collaboration with the International Trade Center (ITC), The Ye! Community Ghana, Kumasi Hive, and World Inspiring Network, Maxibern explored the opportunities and challenges presented by the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) for businesses on the continent.

“The AfCFTA is a game-changer for African entrepreneurs,” stated Maxwell Odonkor, Founder and Executive Director of World Inspiring Network. “By eliminating trade barriers and promoting collaboration, it opens up a vast market of over 1.3 billion people, fostering cross-border trade and helping small businesses grow like never before.”

The workshop’s diverse attendees – including 85 in-person participants and 14 virtual attendees – engaged in thought-provoking discussions on AfCFTA’s potential for economic transformation and innovation. Participants delved into the crucial role of digital transformation in enabling business growth and competitiveness within the AfCFTA framework.

A highlight of the event was the YALDA Digital Transformation Fund pitch competition, where ten entrepreneurs showcased their innovative business ideas. While their entrepreneurial spirit and talent were evident, logistical challenges beyond the organiser’s control have temporarily delayed the awarding of the GH¢5,000 each in digital transformation support they were granted.

The workshop’s hybrid format, facilitated by World Inspiring Network and broadcasted live on Zoom, allowed for broader participation and inclusivity. This ensured the valuable insights and knowledge exchanges reached a wider audience and maximised the event’s impact.

Participants Showcasing Products at the YALDA AfCFTA Workshop 2023

“The YALDA AfCFTA workshop exceeded our expectations,” said Moses Akurugu Ade-Ena, Executive Director, YALDA Ghana.

“Over 70% of registered delegates attended, and 80% of them reported that their expectations were met or exceeded.

We are thrilled to have fostered a supportive ecosystem that empowers African entrepreneurs, and we are dedicated to leveraging the AfCFTA and digital transformation as tools for sustainable economic growth and development,” He added.

The YALDA Ghana AfCFTA workshop serves as a powerful example of how collaboration and knowledge sharing can empower African entrepreneurs to thrive in the era of the AfCFTA. With continued commitment and innovative approaches, African businesses can harness the immense potential of this historic trade agreement and contribute to a prosperous future for the continent.

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