World Inspiring Network to Participate in GlobalGiving’s Little-by-Little Campaign

We are delighted to announce that World Inspiring Network will be participating in Global Giving’s Little-by-Little Campaign! This is a fantastic opportunity to support our work, with each donation under $50 made between 8th and 12th March being matched at 50% by Global Giving. By supporting us during this campaign, your generosity can go further to make a difference than ever before.


All the money raised during this campaign will be used to increase the impact of our Send a Child to School initiative. Through this initiative, we are supporting the education of 120 children from some of Ghana’s poorest communities – Ahomahomasu, Besebuom, Tafi Mador and Osunu Dompe.


Read more about our Send a Child to School Initiative


We have collaborated with community leaders, educators and parents to select 30 children from each of our target communities, and have begun to fund the purchase of uniforms, stationary and other vital educational resources for these children.


In December, we visited each community to distribute books donated during our book drives and to deliver short presentations emphasising the importance of education to students and their families.


Education is the key to liberating families and communities from intergenerational cycles of extreme poverty. Integral to sustainable development, accessible, quality education promotes economic growth by providing skills that increase employment opportunities and income.


Studies consistently show that education reduces the prevalence of teenage pregnancy, serious health conditions, crime and violence within communities. UNESCO estimates that we could cut global poverty by 55% if all adults completed secondary education.


In recent years, Ghana has made great strides in making education more accessible. Significant challenges remain, however, with many parents still unable to afford the resources they need to help their children to learn. Often, those who are able to attend school are forced to abandon their studies before their education is complete.


Read more about education in Ghana


Our Send a Child to School initiative aims to combat these challenges by pledging support to those who need it the most.


To ensure the initiative is successful, we are relying on your help. Our last campaign with Global Giving was in December, and we were absolutely overwhelmed by your generosity and support! Our volunteers raised awareness through sponsored walks, newspaper articles, presentations and videos – and you listened! With your help, we have been able to raise a total of $5588.37 for our initiative, but we want to raise even more.


We are a small organisation, and all members of the organisation work on a voluntary basis. Your donations are so important to us, and every pesawa, cent and penny will be used to support sustainable development in our four target communities.


Please consider donating to World Inspiring Network’s Global Giving Page between 8th and 12th March, and help us to give the gift of an education this spring.



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