Empower a Ghanaian Women Through Sewing Skills

With $100, you can support a young woman in rural parts of Ghana to start her sewing business.

Women Empowerment

Gender parity in Ghana is considerably lacking. Most women and girls living in rural parts of the country usually do not have proper education, training, and a dignified source of income, making them more vulnerable to sexual exploitation, including trafficking, abuse, and unwanted pregnancies, than women in urban areas. Those who experience domestic or intimate partner violence have fewer options to leave violent relationships due to their lack of income and resources. In view of that, World Inspiring Network introduced the She Can project, an initiative that seeks to create employment opportunities for women through vocational training, technical skills training, job skills development, and mentorship programs in rural parts of the country. This initiative will hopefully contribute to reducing women’s unemployment in Ghana by providing more opportunities for young people to gain skills and find decent jobs that can elevate their living standards.

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