Volunteer Google AdWords Expert Needed

Volunteer Google Ads Expert Needed

Dear Volunteer, many thanks for your interest in supporting World Inspiring Network to help us to achieve our mission. For this task, we are looking for a Google Ads volunteer to manage our ad campaigns. Since we are a nonprofit, we have $10,000 in Google Adwords grant available and we are looking for a volunteer who will help us optimize our campaigns and maximize the amount of usage for the monthly grant. Although we prefer someone who has experience working with nonprofit organizations, this is not mandatory and willingness to help and learn is sufficient.


The volunteer will be responsible to create, monitor, and manage all Google Ads campaigns. The Certified Google Partner will work to ensure our non-profit Google Ads campaigns are grounded in relevant data and targeting. The right candidate should be knowledgeable about the limitations of Google grant bidding and well versed in the following:

Our goals:

– Reach out to our audience about the good work World Inspiring Network is doing.
– Get donations for our projects.
– Get volunteers to sign up for our program.
– Gain attention for the website overall.

Our Objectives:

For the campaign, we will work to maintain, and exceed Google’s Requirements:
– Minimum Click Through Rate of 5% for Ad Grants.
– No single-word keyword, brand names, medical conditions.
– Keyword Quality Score MUST be 3 or more.
– No more worldwide targeting.
– Minimum 2 Ad Groups per Campaign.
– Minimum 2 Ads per Ad Group.
– Sitelinks on all campaigns.
– Conversion tracking must be turned on.


– +18 years old.
– Experience with social media.
– Previous experience with Google Ads (desirable).
– Internet connection.

What we offer:

– A constant learning environment.
– Respect for our volunteers.
– A community of people with the desire of help those in need.


The position is a full volunteering role and therefore no salary will be paid.


World Inspiring Network (W.I.N) is a Ghanaian registered Nonprofit Organization that helps rural children to have access to quality education, trains and empowers the youth as well as women and also develop rural communities in Ghana.

The team consist of young and vibrant youth who are passionate about providing solutions to most of the challenges in rural areas in Africa and beyond.


Child Education Support: World Inspiring Network help deprived children to get access to quality education by supporting them with books, school uniforms, stationery, food, sandals, fees and more.

Youth Empowerment Program: We nurture and empower the youth in rural areas of Ghana to succeed in self-employment so they become change agents in their own communities.

Women Empowerment: Women can also play a significant role in their communities. In so doing we train, and empower them to build skills that will help them to start their own businesses.


15th September 2020

How to Apply:

Step 1

Schedule a call with us via [email protected] to understand in brief on the scope of the project. Prepare a project plan with the key milestones and the timeline.

Step 2

We will provide all the details to understand about our NGO. Get inputs and analyze our current marketing strategy and our digital presence.

Step 3

Strategize an effective marketing plan ( include social media, digital marketing, other marketing methods). Prepare a report with the plan and calendar the various tasks to be executed along with the elements to be measured.

Step 4

Submit the finalized marketing strategy report to World Inspiring Network.

Step 5

Comprehensive report.

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