Albert Adu Asare, Project Coordinator

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Albert Adu Asare, Project Coordinator

Albert Adu Asare is a philanthropist who seeks to touch lives of people locally and internationally. Albert is also the Co-Founder of WIN. He is a young visionary man who has great experience as manager of Africa Business Bureau, Professional Teacher under GES, Girl-Child Coordinator.

Albert is a Professional Project Manager from Cambridge Center of Excellence.

Albert is also a Business Plan and Proposal Developer, Business content developer and a Business Consultant.

Albert has a degree in Information Technology (IT) from Valley View University, and has co-founded a startup called ZEROX seeking to provide quality shopping in Africa with high security. He also has a Diploma in Education. He has been involved in a lot of empowerment programs especially for Youth and Women.

Coming from a family where parents loved to take care of people, Albert grew the passion to be the solution to the voiceless and needy. With this passion, he worked as the academic chair for an NGO to help sensitize students and provide basic resources for years.

Albert is smart, proactive and a genuine personality to encounter. He always wants things done for people to be at ease. He is a leader and a servant, with a strong God-fearing personality. He is so approachable and collaborative, always seeking to learn more.