Albert Adu Asare, Project Coordinator

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Albert Adu Asare, Project Coordinator

Albert Adu Asare is a young entrepreneur with over 6 years in the space. With so much experience as a former ICT and Mathematics teacher under GES for 8 years, the former Chief Technology Officer for Tropay and Crystal Dealers, the former manager for Africa Business Bureau, Mr. Albert has garnered skills in Website development, Software Development, Project Management, Business development, Business management. 

Mr. Albert is a technical and visionary leader, who encourages team work and collaborative skills to achieve goals and make impacts. He is also the Co-founder of Maxibern Digital, where over 100 clients have been supported to have strong digital presence and also achieved their business goals. He also serves as the Project Coordinator for World Inspiring Network which has had real impacts of over thousands of lives through helping to provide Quality Education, Women Empowerment, Youth Empowerment and Climate Awareness initiatives. He also serves as the Managing Director for BROYAL and a board member of Adepafie Charcoal Limited Company.

Mr. Albert with his diverse background has a focus on making impacts socially through organizations and individual collaborations. He also served as a panelist, trainer and a jury member on a number of impactful programs and conferences in the country. He has many workshops on Leadership and Empowerment to his name. Mr. Albert has served as a mentor to numerous number of people in various fields, from education to business.

Mr. Albert holds a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology from Valley View University, Project Management Professional Certificate, Diploma in Basic Education.