Francis Osei Asibey, Managing Director

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Francis Osei Asibey, Managing Director

Francis Osei Asibey serves as the Managing Director for World Inspiring Network. A Non-Profit Organization establish to provide a helping to both the youth and the grownup adults who finds it challenging to live a standardized life in their various communities.

Francis over the years has occupied many leadership positions both in the Christian sector and other key areas like the education sector.

Francis has lead as the President for Leadership International, a denomination originated from the Lighthouse Chapel International. He has also served as the Vice President for Scripture Union.

At the University, he was chosen to be among the few students which the school made them to be student mentors.

Francis now holds a Bachelor of Science in Administration optioned Human Resource Management from Pentecost University-Ghana.

Francis is a lover of God with so much passion for soul winning, preaching and singing.

He has so much respect for all and welcomes all regardless of their background or qualifications.