Your generous donation can bring hope for a better future for deprived children in Ghana, their families and their entire community at large.

One day, we can bring an end to poverty. We at World Inspiring Network believe Education is the only tool that can help us to end this fight.

Over the past 5 years, we have been running effective programs and projects to ensure children in rural communities in Ghana get's access to quality education. So thank you for your support, generosity and willingness to join hands with World Inspiring Network.

Beneficiary of World Inspiring Network

$10 USD

provides a school uniform for one rural child
Girl Child Education - Send A Child To School

$30 USD

takes a girl on a field trip to the city for the first time to see what jobs exist and what her future could hold if she stays in school
Rural Children In Ghana

$50 USD

will train a rural child in computer literacy for a year
Rural Child Education - Send A Child To School

$100 USD

will provide 20 rural students with school bags
Students Receiving Donations from World Inspiring Network

$200 USD

will provide 10 rural children with school uniforms for a year
Rural Child Smiling

$500 USD

takes 25 girls on a college site visit to see what their future could hold
Beneficiary of World Inspiring Network with their gifts

$1,000 USD

will provide notebooks and essential school supplies for 50 students for a year
Beneficiary of World Inspiring Network receiving certificate of participation after a quiz competition

$1,500 USD

sponsors an academic quiz to publicly demonstrate what they've learned whilst increasing their confidence level

Our Donors & Partners

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